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A Brief history of the hayde family in the NYC area

The story begins with Edmund (or possibly Edward) Heade of Ballinure, County Tipperary, Ireland, and his wife, Catherine Liddy Heade.  Between 1868-1872, three of their sons emigrated to America: Patrick Heade (born 1850), John J. Heade (born 1858) and Edward Heade (born c.1859).  Upon their arrival, the spelling of their surname changed to Hayde.  Nearly every Hayde that lived in the greater New York City area during the 20th Century is descended from these three brothers.

1st Brother: PATRICK HAYDE:

 Baptismal record for Patrick Heade (Hayde).

On April 7, 1874, Patrick Hayde married Sarah Jane Willy (or Wiley), and had three children: Katherine ("Katey") (born circa 1875), William James (born 19 August 1883) and Joseph Patrick (born 26 November 1886).


Marriage Certificate for Patrick Hayde and Sarah Willy (Wiley).  Note Patrick's parents' names: Edward Hayde and Catherine Liddy. 

Patrick Hayde passed away prior to 1888.  Sarah Wiley Hayde married Christopher Kroger and had three more children: Eugene (born c.1888), Walter (born c.1891) and Sarah (born c.1894).  Sarah was widowed a second time circa 1897, and died in 1943.



Only known photo of Sarah Jane Wiley Hayde Kroger, probably late 1920's-early 1930's


2nd Brother: JOHN J. HAYDE:

In the early 1880's, John J. Hayde married Katherine "Katey" Flanagan and had four children, all sons: Walter (born 5 October 1883), John J. Jr. (born 6 August 1885), Thomas Theodore (born 13 September 1887) and Francis A. (born 6 August 1889).

Katey Flanagan Hayde passed away prior to the start of the 20th Century.  In the early 1900's, John married Catherine Hunter and had one more child, Gertrude (born c.1903). John J. Hayde passed away on October 21, 1922.


Death certificate of John J. Hayde.  Note John's parents' names: Edward Hayde & Catherine Liddy.



3rd Brother: EDWARD HAYDE:

In or around 1882, Edward Hayde married Margaret Kiernan.  The couple had three children: Loretta (born May 1883), William Joseph (born 7 February 1886) and Edward Joseph (born 24 December 1888).  After Margaret's death, Edward married Mary Hopkins, and had one son, Walter Joseph (born 8 March 1892).  A second child died in infancy.  Edward died circa 1899.  Mary Hopkins Hayde married Martin P. Falsey in 1908 and had no additional children.  She died in 1937 in Staten Island, after having been struck by an automobile.




On January 4, 1895, Katherine Hayde married Edward A. Connor and had 4 children:  Edward (born 23 December 1894), Arthur (born c.1895), Lillias (born 15 November 1901) and Harold (born c.1912).  Katherine passed away on March 21, 1937.

On May 10, 1903, William James Hayde married Mary Frances Lee, and had 11 children.  Their eldest, Walter Matthew (born 28 October 1903), died in infancy.  Later, followed James (born c.1904), William Anthony (born 14 August 1906), Dorothy (born 17 September 1908), Robert (born 9 August 1911),  Edward Michael (born 29 July 1913), Francis (born 13 October 1915), George (born 20 February 1919), a pair of twins - Harold and Walter (born October 1920).and Raymond (born c.1926).

Photos of Mary Lee Hayde (1886-1934) and William James Hayde (1883 - 1966)

Mary Lee Hayde passed away in 1934.  William remarried and had one more child, John (born c.1942).  William passed away in 1966.

William J. Hayde (1883-1966) and sons (+ one granddaughter)  in the mid-1950's.  Clockwise, from top left: William A., Harold, Edward, George, Robert, James, Walter, Francis, Joanne (George's daughter), William J. 


On October 4, 1904, Joseph Patrick Hayde married Jane "Jennie" Graham, and had 10 children.  Their eldest, John Joseph (born 10 February 1907) is this writer's grandfather.  The next child, Joseph Jr. (born 12 October 1908) died on July 2, 1910 of pneumonia.  Later, followed Jane (born 2 October 1910), Sarah ("Sally," born 25 June 1912), Walter F. (born 12 January 1914), Loretta (born 22 July 1916), Thomas (born 19 November 1917), Lawrence Joseph (born 19 September 1919), Helen (born 7 July 1921) and Philip (born 3 December 1924).

 Photos of Jennie Graham Hayde (1886-1930) and Joseph Patrick Hayde (1886-1956)

Jennie Graham passed away in 1930.  In approximately 1938, Joseph married Anna Dorry, widow of Edward Dorry, who also died in 1930.  Prior to this, eldest daughter Jane Hayde married Edward and Anna's eldest son, William Dorry.  In the early 1940's, Helen Hayde married Edward and Anna's youngest son, Edwin Dorry.  Joseph and Anna did not have any additional children. Joseph passed away in 1956.

Rare photo of Joseph P. Hayde with some of his children, plus his brother and a nephew.  From left-to-right: Jane, Thomas, Joseph, John, Sally, William J. and Helen.  Sitting in front of Joseph is William A.

Walter F. Hayde was working for the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in Catoosa, Georgia when, on November 1, 1934, he was killed in an accidental dynamite explosion.  He was 20 years old.  The previous year, he had served as best man at his brother John's wedding to Frances Rita Green.


Mass card for Walter F. Hayde's funeral.



Walter, the eldest son of John and Katey, married Caroline Reiger and had a daughter, Dorothy (born 25 May 1922).  Walter passed away in 1948 in Passaic, NJ.  Their daughter died in Emerson NJ on March 17, 1988.

John J. Jr. married Anastasia "Ann" Butler and had three children: Edward Francis (born 2 June 1906), John J. III (born 20 February 1913) and Jane A. (born c.1922).  John J. Hayde Jr. died in Westchester, NY in March 1966.

Thomas Theodore married Julia McCue and had three children: Vincent (born 3 October 1916), Francis (born 13 July 1919) and Catherine Theresa (born 02 January1923). A fourth child, Walter (born 11 August 1914), died at age 7 months on March 29, 1915.  Thomas Theodore passed away on December 6, 1941.

No information is known about descendents of Francis A. Hayde. Francis served in World War I in France as part of a U.S. Field Artillery regiment.  In 1920 at age 30, he was living with his parents (father and step-mother) in the Bronx, with his half-sister, Gertrude.  In 1930 he was living alone, occupation tire mechanic.

No information is known about descendents of Gertrude Hayde, daughter of John J. and Catherine Hunter Hayde.




Around 1913, Walter Joseph Hayde married Winifred Morton and had four children: Mary (born 26 February 1915), Martin P. (born 25 July 1917), Walter Joseph, Jr. (born 10 May 1920) and Joseph W. (born 14 September 1926).  Walter Sr. passed away on June 29, 1950.


The author appreciates the assistance of Edward M. Hayde, Jr., and David Hayde of New Zealand and his Hayde Geneaology website, as well as contribuotrs to Ancestry.com.  If anyone has further details on the Edward/Edmund Heade line, or to correct any errors herein, please email Michael J. Hayde at MikeH0714@yahoo.com.  Thank you.